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probably a lot of time to be wasted if I entered the “it” anymore.
my concentration not may be divided.
probably, i can not divide my time well again.
many possibilities that I feared, which made ​​me pull away slowly from that world.
but if it’s something right?? if I had done the right thing?
whether I liked the “current”?
or maybe this time I just avoid it with something that has not happened as I feared.

sometimes I want to return.
back on when the “moment”.
“dream” into something very beautiful, especially if the dream was shared.
do not care about the others, the main priority is the “dream”.
like it, laugh together, joke together and share a common dream.
Our mutual support against the other, “dream” for us is something very precious,something that will we maintain and we are trying to reach that dream together. though ourdream different backgrounds but we have the same goal, the same spirit, and strongmotivation to achieve it.
it seems if together they “dream” is something that is easy to achieve.
I love you guys
I miss you guys
whether you like it??


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